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Brick Pavers (Walks, Driveways & Patios): Brick pavers provide an easy and affordable way to achieve a classic
brick look, whether it be for a patio, walkway, garden, or other outdoor accent. Scaldino Brothers are experts in
installing driveway pavers, backyard patio paver designs and complete landscape/hardcape pavers.

Retaining Walls: Are structures that hold back soil or rock from a building, structure or area. Retaining walls
prevent downslope movement or erosion and provide support for vertical or near-vertical grade changes.

Cultured Stone: Cultured stone products can be constructed to emulate many types of stone surfaces, and are
vibrant looking and durable like real stone products for projects. Cultured stone is constructed using stone
aggregates, dyes and lightweight cement. They are available in many shapes, textures and colors and are designed
to emulate many natural stones, including granite, river rock, limestone, etc.

Brick Work: Brickwork masonry is produced when a bricklayer uses bricks and mortar to build up structures such
as walls, bridges and chimneys. Brickwork is also used to finish openings such as doors or windows in buildings
made of other materials. Where the bricks are to remain fully visible, as opposed to being covered up by plaster or
stucco, this is known as face-work.

Custom Blue Stone: The term “bluestone” is derived from deep blue colored sandstone. Bluestone is a high
quality product due to its silica content, compact nature and fine grains. It is used for patios, architectural facings,
fireplaces, sills, sidewalks and other features as well as a basic building material for churches, institutions, homes &
businesses.  Due to the beauty, durability, and natural stone qualities, you can enjoy a lifetime of use.

Slate Work: A slate originates from river sediment and exists through the action of compression and heat. Slate is
one of the most durable of natural stones and will compliment any kitchen, hearth or mantelpiece. Slate has been
used for many years as work tops, although not as durable as granite with a bit more care they for years.

Foundations: We build two types of foundations, cinder block and poured concrete.

Basement Waterproofing: Water is the leading cause of damage in basements. When a building settles or the
outside elements change especially water drainage, it causes cracks to the foundation which allows water to enter.

Concrete Work: Concrete is a pretty versatile material. It can be used for parking lots, foundations, walkways and
decorative purposes Interior & exterior.  
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    Polishing, Concrete Dyes, Stenciling Interior Floors, Radiant Floor Heating and Garage Floor Coatings
    Interior Concrete: Concrete Counter tops, Concrete Fireplace Surrounds, Concrete Furniture, Sinks and
    Outdoor Concrete: Concrete Patios, Stamped Concrete, Stained Concrete, Concrete Driveways, Concrete
    Pool Decks, Counter tops & Kitchens, Outdoor Living, Concrete Walkways, Concrete Resurfacing, Colored
    Concrete and Pavers.

Asphalt Paving (Parking Lots, Driveways, More): Normally known simply as asphalt or AC, is a composite
material commonly used for construction of pavement, highways and parking lots. It consists of asphalt binder and
mineral aggregate mixed together then laid down in layers and compacted. Scaldino Brothers has used this material
in driveway repair/construction, parking lots, playgrounds and more.

Chimneys: There are many different types of chimney construction and material. The expert masons at Scaldino
Brothers have designed many incredible chimneys in a host of different stone, marble and granite design.

Steps: The most commonly used materials used for steps are concrete, stone, and bricks. Having designed many
type of step structures we can use traditional brick steps as welll as incorporate granite and marble for the interior
or exterior of you home or business.

Drainage Solutions:  Outdoor drainage solutions are important because it redirects water flow away from a
structure and prevents flooding on a property. We use these techniques when applying our waterproofing services.

Interior Services: Adding a nice tile accent is a sure attention grabber and gives great character to a room as
does a wonderful tile or polished cement floor. We do basement waterproofing, chimneys, fireplaces, counter tops,
kitchen back splashes and much more.

Exterior Services: Aside from steps, walkways driveways and retaining walls, we can create outside kitchens,
patios, decorative building elements, and grand entrances for driveways, landscape design and more.

Grading: To Provide the Best Quality of work when doing any sort of landscaping, concrete work, adding pavers, or
installing a parking lot, grading is the first step. Grading creates a precise level service so that the job at hand is
done correctly.

Fireplaces: A stone or brick fireplace and a warm, crackling fire adds a unique style and ambiance to any home,
big or small. It is important to note that fireplaces are major focal points of a room. They are considered works of art
and the personality of a room is set with a fireplace. Dressing one up with intricate masonry can add the perfect

Landscape Design: There are many elements of landscaping. Knowing where to place plants, trees, making
pathways, steps, retaining walls and tying it all in with the style of the house and adding proper lighting where
necessary is key.

Snow Plowing : Being a versatile masonry and waterproofing company, we are still there for you during the winter
to make sure that you do not get stranded. We plow  residential and commercial properties.
scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
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scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
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Scaldino Brothers provides complete masonry and waterproofing for residential, commercial and
industrial clients throughout Central New Jersey. We are a versatile masonry and waterproofing
company highly skilled in many aspects of home and business improvement. We are dedicated to
providing excellent service to ensure your construction project runs smooth, on time and within budget.
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