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scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
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scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
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Q: Do you charge homeowners for estimates?

A: No. Homeowners are never charged for for an estimate consultation. If you don't
need our services we'll be the first to tell you. If you are in need of our services, we'll
tell you precisely what we propose to do, how we do it, when we'll do it and the exact
cost. There are no hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Is your method complicated?

A: No. The logic of our massonry services and basement waterproofing system
installation is simple. To fully appreciate it you need to understand what is causing your
basement to leak. Ask questions until you fully understand.

Does a little or occasional leakage cause foundation problems?

A: Not necessarily. Occasional leakage may be caused by a combination of weather
conditions and poor drainage around your house. If you have water in your basement
after taking ordinary precautions, then it's probably time for you to call us. A wet
basement left unattended may cause considerable structural damage over a period of
time. Our basement waterproofing system is designed to eliminate the water pressure
around your foundation and from under your floor, effectively removing the source of
the basement leakage problems.

Why can't I just repair the cracks and put liquid sealer on the walls?

A: It simply isn't effective. We would not do it under any circumstances and neither
should you. Fortunately, this unsuccessful method is rarely used today.

A waterproofer tells us that they will bury drainage pipe around the outside of our
house approximately 2 feet deep in order to stop some of the water before it reaches
the basement. Isn't this a good idea?

A: The waterproofing companies that use this method, install a corrugated drain tile
where accessible sounds good, unless you have a driveway, deck or front porch.
Every waterproofing company should be concerned with the footer drains.

What do I have to do to get your company down to the lowest price?

A: We encourage you to help our consultant arrive at the price when he visits your
home. Our promise of honesty and integrity is much more than just empty words. We
will provide you with a permanently dry basement for the life of the structure....all at a
competitive price.

Will your system enhance the value of our home?

A: Yes it will. If you sell your house, you can offer a clean, dry basement guaranteed for
the life of the structure regardless of ownership. Money spent for a permanently dry
basement will pay off in an immediate increase in the market value of your home
greater than the money spent.
Q: Does masonry construction cost more than conventional wood frame construction?

If you compare the cost of building a masonry home with the least expensive way to
build a wood frame home, then the masonry home will probably cost more to build,
especially the initial cost. Currently, builders are responding to home owner's requests
and building better insulated, tighter, higher performing homes. It costs more to build
these high-performing wood frame homes so the price difference between wood and
masonry is diminishing.

What are the benefits of having a brick home?

There are many benefits to owning a brick home including increased resale value
and increasing energy efficiency among others.

Why are masonry homes more pest resistant?

Masonry is very solid and has fewer connections and penetrations than wood frame
construction. The largest connection and point-of-entry for pests in wood frame
construction is where the stem wall and the rest of the house meet. This connection is
a very weak point and is rarely finished and sealed correctly. It also further invites
pests because it is shaded by the protruding foam insulation. Furthermore, it is sealed
and basically does not exist with most types of masonry construction. Masonry is not a
cellulose food for termites
Over the years Scaldino Brothers has come across almost every question a homeowner and business
owner has in our masonry and waterproofing industry. Here is a short list of the most typical questions
you may find useful. Please feel free to ask any one of our expert staff if you have a question not listed.
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