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scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
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scoth plains, iselin, metuchin, plainfield, springfield, mountainside
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Scaldino Bros. Water Proofing Services
    Water proofing a basement is a very important part of protecting your
home and business. The last thing a homeowner wants is the value of their
property to decrease because of water damage and constant basement
flooding. We build foundations and waterproof them to ensure your
foundation is done as well as protecting it against future water intrusion.
    Once water enters a building it leaves a path of destruction and if not
cleaned in a timely manner, could ultimately lead to hazardous mold build up.
Mold deteriorates the infrastructure and water has potential to hollow out
the cement floor if it gets under the foundation. New buildings naturally
settle, often causing small cracks to develop . Other causes for flooding can
be attributable to foundation cracks, downspout runoff, window leaks and
poor grading in the surrounding terrain. Let Scaldino Brothers do a
complete inspection of your basement so that you don't have to go through
any unwanted mold build up or flooding.
    One of the most effective methods of basement waterproofing would be
to install an interior drainage system along the perimeter of your basement
beneath the sub-floor, running beside the foundation footings,also known
as French Drains. French Drains completely prevent any seepage that may
come up through the floor, and block water that may penetrate the
foundation. Water captured and diverted in this way is then removed from a
basement using a Sump Pump.  To find out the best solution for your
CONTACT US with your inquiries.
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stone fireplaces, brick work, honest masonry in linden nj